the swimmin hole

the swimmin hole

I realize now the swimming pool is my timeless place. No phone, no connect to the world outside it. Even my children seem to age much slower in water. The milestones take longer. The world that I know sort of stands still and waits at the gate, like a dog waiting for it’s master. My troubles seem to wait as well. My focus becomes clear. Keep children and self alive. Everything else falls into place after that. It’s actually a nice little utopia stocked with food and drink. I wish real life was so easy. I wish being an adult was this easy. Maybe it is us that make it so hard. If we cut our list of thousands of items down to the rules of the pool, life might be easier, we might be easier on ourselves.

Walk, don’t run. Those under 8 years old must always be accompanied by an adult. Stay hydrated, eat food. Put on sunscreen. Don’t pee in the pool. Stay alive and have fun.

I ace those every time. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, everything else stands at the gate, waiting for me to leave to latch on again and make me long for my next day at the pool. Just a silly though I had to share…

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