the Who’s had it coming…

I’m not writing this because I want to believe in bad. I’m not saying I want to believe in sad either. But I know these things are there. I know that dark times happen for all of us. Some longer, some shorter. There are times in life when we all have our dark sides and the moments we keep to ourselves, our taboo thoughts that bring on fear and leave us almost embarrassed, we better not tell anyone…On a bad day when someone cuts you off, you curse their name and hope they ‘get in an accident’ but deep down you know that person is just heading home to his family, like you may be. We like to think that moment is fleeting.  Well, we believe you if YOU believe you. But what about that tiny percent, that little voice that may, even for a second, actually wish that person harm.

There is that little part of you that secretly understands certain crimes you see on the news.  That part of you that knows what drove the Grinch the take everything from the Who’s. And why?  Because screw you, Who’s, and all that you stand for. No one is happy all the time and enough with the ‘everything is gonna be ok bullsh*t’.  Have you admitted this to yourself before?  Perhaps I couldn’t be talking about you, only crazy people like myself have this side….

Well, Who’s…’s not going to be ok. A wicked, evil creature took everything from you. We need not be superficial here, but you have NOTHING, SO STOP SINGING.

Ah, but then again, everyone wants to feel good about the ending. “See what happened? The town didn’t care about their possessions, they just wanted to have each other.”

Ah well the Grinch saw that and everything changed for him real quickly. Hold the phones and pause reality. (well the reality of this story)  This pure evil, society-loathing creature who, just moments ago took every single crumb, literally, from an entire town, hears singing and all of the sudden he turns into a saint, decides to give it all back and become the hero.  And you eat it up like Christmas dinner, consequently another item that was stolen from the Who’s.

Well, well, well, first of all, there’s no hero here people. Perhaps, if there was, MAYBE its Cindy Loo Who for somehow not getting murdered by this narcoleptic psychopath because she caught him in the act and could identify him, MAYBE…The Grinch a hero? As much as I’m a hero for flushing a public toilet after I use it. Throw me a parade.

Let’s move on. Let’s get past the happy ending that makes no sense anyway and set aside the moral of the story (whatever that is) and drop the good feelings and step back and realize that sometimes we don’t get our f*cking way. Sometimes life throws us a real sh*tty curveball and there isn’t anything we can do about it. So let’s talk about that, the side of us that gets mad, that gets pissed off and needs to let it loose.

So what drove the Grinch to do such evil? Whatever it is or was can haunt even the purest of our souls, if pushed in some way. Sometimes certain feelings in life can drive us into this darkness, into this sadness and evil and you don’t want to be there, but it can happen.

Oh that usually isn’t us, no way we say, which is why we can typically be good people and walk around not killing every asshole that looks at us the wrong way. Hell we may even just say hello or how are ya, of course with the subtle terror that one day someone may actually tell us how they are and we will have to stop and listen. Let me ask you this, what if almost any person you know at work or outside of your group of those you care for actually stopped you and answered that question? Would you listen? Would you care? Would you help?  When I stop and think of MY answers to these questions, I have to tell you my hopes and expectations of myself don’t always mirror what I think I would actually do.

So, I guess my point is this.  That darkness is there, don’t deny it and definitely don’t push it down each and every day.  That is coming out and the more you push it away the bigger the explosion can be.  But I guess my main point is more so that the f*cking Who’s are inept and naive and it was inevitable that they would eventually be taken for everything they own, literally.  But they also might be the luckiest people on earth for being the way that way.

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