the tree

The Tree

I sit under this tree every single day looking for answers.  This tree sucks a lot.  It also can be so healthy and so rewarding.  This tree has flip flopped and turned around so many times it is indiscernible to me compared to what it looked like when I first came.  Yet, it’s still the same tree.  It is still here.  It still provides shelter and shade, an occasional drink or food and it remains, here.  The tree sees my growth and my defeats.  The tree sees my changes, good and bad.  I cannot hide from the tree no matter how much I try and strip it down or remove its pieces.  It continues to grow new fruit and leaves.  The tree does not judge nor does the tree ask for judgement.  The tree knows that just by being there, being the tree that is, that that is good enough for me.  Sometimes it gets so that I want to stop coming and sitting under the tree because I fear that I won’t ever be able to leave.  Yet I know I cannot live without the tree nor can I figure out this world anymore if the tree were gone.  The tree would need to be taken from me, removed from my life for me to feel differently about my tree.  But the tree has provided me such comfort at times.  Those that have joined me under my tree have been mostly a true delight.  The amount has been substantial, but the tree has plenty of warmth, shade and life to provide for many.  I don’t know any more if it is the tree who needs me or if I need the tree.  I don’t know anymore…I just know the tree……

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