finding love in the hatred of pride

pink is a girl’s color

The idea that one human being can be violent towards another human being just because of who they are is truly a concept that my mind cannot comprehend. Being mildly intelligent I can attempt to understand it. I’ve certainly been angry before for whatever reason at the time. Yet to loathe a human to their core just because you disagree, dislike or disapprove of their way of life confuses, upsets and scares the hell out of me. So why would I start off with the color pink? The level of hatred that hits the top of the charts has driven people to murder others because of who they are, whether that be skin color, sex, or even because of one’s choice of love.

-Digression- Love is the purest form of happiness for us humans. A feeling unmatched by any other. The positive of the positive. To feel love is the greatest gift we can have. The idea that someone could feel such disdain, such anger towards someone for loving someone else is just a fact that I really struggle to understand.

SO, that color pink. My son has been told pink is a girls color by another boy in his class. (Remember he is not quite 5). He was told he cannot like Frozen because it is a girls movie. During playtime at daycare they have dress up parties sometimes. My son and some other boys tend to enjoy putting dresses on occasionally. When catching wind of this the boy’s father brought up a few fireMAN and policeman outfits and instructed the school that his son was to dress up in those outfits from now on, no more dresses. Now I am not going to sit here and suggest that it is because of these things that kids grow up to hate or become violent adults. What I am suggesting is that these things paint a picture of the world at a young age where there are limitations and rules about who you can or cannot be and that is not right.

So when I ask my son what his favorite color is, now he says blue or maybe orange. That’s fine with me. But I ask him, “I thought pink was your favorite color (which it once was)” His response is that pink is a girls color. So I explain to him that he can pick any color he wants, but his reason cannot be “because it is a girls color”.

to protest another person’s pride

When I started this blog it was because of love. I believe in love and feel it wins out plenty of times. Those with such hatred in their blood sometimes speak louder, but they speak with empty, sad hearts. When I think of the energy invested for someone to actually protest an event with the word Pride in it, it just scares the hell out of me. What pride does a protester feel when they scream at a stranger? I honestly want to know the answer. I don’t really want to bring religion into my blog at any point, but the irony of using God as justification for your ignorant disgust of another person make me want throw up.

I feel as though my desire to put these words into the universe is so strong that I will be cutting this post shorter than most. But I want to say that I dedicate this post to all of those who lost their lives in Florida this weekend and that I love each and every one of them. We can never remove hatred or ignorance from our culture but we CAN strive to educate our younger generation on the benefits of acceptance and love. I know that my son and daughter will grow up in a household that is full of tolerance and love for others.  That love will live on forever and I hope you feel that in your heart as well.

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